Before the update I could swap calls now I cant.

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here i have attached screenshot. 02-16-2021 03:29 PM in.

I am unable to merge calls, nor can I conference call on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

My Conference call is active by Telco.

On newer models and networks, you can merge up to five calls at once. . 13.

Galaxy S22 Series.

. Feb 16, 2021 · when i trying to merge video conference call not connected. .

. Calling issues in Galaxy M 3 weeks ago; UNABLE TO MERGE CONFERENCE VIDEO CALL in Galaxy M 02-16-2021; I have been m51 mobile in.

I am unable to do conference call on my Samsung S4 CDMA phone as when I try to add a call and then merge it, it puts the 1st called number on hold and does not put him on to call conference Conference calling is a great feature for a number of reasons, so it's understandably frustrating that the feature is not working for you.

Start the Phone app.

. I've been trying to make conference calls with my phone for ages and still it always say unable to make conference calls.

The device is a phone first and foremost and I should be able to make conference calls and swap calls. .

class=" fc-falcon">Unable to merge calls in samsung s4.

Feb 13, 2022 · I have tried all the VoLTE modules and each time I try making a conference call it says UNABLE TO MERGE CALLS.

When i call 1st number and get connected, i use "Add call" to add another call. 1 (GB based) and trying to make a conference call between 3 parties including myself. tap the downward facing arrow beside Conference Call.

Place a call to the first person you want to have a conference call with. . ID not valid. fc-smoke">Jun 20, 2022 · Share. Press. How to make conference call in c-3322? because when a make conference call the mobile repiled "conference call not performed!" this is major problem?.


here i have attached screenshot. I have been in two different Vodafone shops and they have looked at the account and phone and cannot work out.

Launch your Android's dedicated Phone application.

Recently I have been unable to make conference calls on my S21.

I have samsung galaxy y & facing problem to do the conference call.


Force stop and clear the cache and data for the apps you are experience the symptoms with.